Above, Police Captain Dodd gives our team a presentation on robotics in law enforcement.  Moving clockwise, our outreach team works hard at Bluewater Creek Farm(you can learn more about this in "Community Outreach" or "Current Events".  In the top right, our team takes a well deserved break after hours of hard work on the farm.  To the right, our Outreach and Spirit and Sportsmanship Executives are happy with the progress our team makes at an outreach event.

Robocon members working hard
Our robot goes through strenuous physical testing before it ever sees competition
More Robocon employees work hard at our local farm

In the bottom left photo, our robot prototype is being tested by our drivers on our practice field.  Above that, we see Robocon employees interacting with TVA retirees at an event we were invited to (learn more about this in "Current Events" or "Community Outreach").  In the middle, Robocon team members work hard tending to a farm, learning the job our robot will be accomplishing.  Above, more Robocon employees show their support for our local farmers.

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