A Robocon employee inspects crops at our local farm, Bluewater Creek Farm

"To do more for the world than the world does for you-that is success."
-Henry Ford

We realize that a community is only as strong as the people and organizations that are a part of it, and we strive to be an asset to the population around us.  Outreach specializes in exposing BEST Robotics throughout the community. This is usually done by mentoring schools, making an appearance at special events, and providing service within the community.

Robocon's booth at the trade show at the local high school

For the first time in school history, Brooks High School hosted a club fair.  Several clubs and organizations, including Robocon, made displays providing a glimpse into each organization.  Robocon chose to emphasize BEST Robotics and the large departments of our company.  Around 700 junior high and high school students had the opportunity to learn about our company.

Robocon sent out an open invitation to all teams in the area. We opened our lab and provided help with robot design, programming, Engineering Notebook, and team organizing.  Two teams responded: representatives from Central High School visited us on September 30th, and the president of LCHS's robotics team visited us on September 29th.

Several Robocon employees meet and work with our local farmers

Bluewater Creek Farm is a family owned and operated, sustainable farm in our small town.  Several members from our team visited this farm for a tour of the farm and the creek.  After this tour, our members assisted in tending the garden.  This included: shoveling dirt into the garden beds, removing dead plants, and picking herbs and vegetables.  With this visit, members learned about the importance of farms in the community.

At this event, which we were invited to by TVA, senior executives from Robocon were able to present our prototype robot to retirees of the esteemed organization TVA.  The hospitality and interest that was shown to our team members was extraordinary.  This event was a wonderful opportunity to show people in the community how much Robocon cares.

Robocon employees clean up the local elementary school
Robocon employees remove litter from shrub beds in our local elementary school

A group of Robocon employees, mostly members of our outreach department, went to our local elementary school and went to each garden or flower bed on the school campus.  We split up the gardens into a grid and put certain people in a certain secction.  Using this method, we were able to work as a team to eventually clean every garden on the campus.

Robocon was given a special invitation to present our product to the annual statewide superintendent conference of Alabama on October 10th.  Several company representatives  presented BEST Robotics and our company to the general session.

Article written by: Mary Ann Jimenez, Outreach Specialist; and Makenzie Bullard, Outreach Team Member

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