Robocon employees pose with our sponsor, Alaina Pettus, at a TVA Retiree event

Robocon is constantly making an effort to be more aware of -and make a bigger impact on-the world around us.

The BEST Hub that we are a part of, Northwest Alabama BEST, had its Kickoff August 27, 2016.  Robocon had a strong presence to show up for training--our lead programmer, Barkley Hunter, taught a class (alongside Lee Brownell) helping new and veteran teams to improve their programming skills.  

This year, Brooks High School hosted its inaugural club fair. Several clubs and organizations, including Robocon, presented displays that provided young students the opportunity to see what we do everyday. Robocon chose to emphasize BEST Robotics as well as the largest departments of our company as the main aspects of our display. Around 700 junior high and high school students had the chance to learn about our company.

Bluewater Creek Farm is a family owned and operated farm in our hometown. There, they practice sustainable farming techniques and are dedicated to serve the community in the same way we are. Several members of Robocon visited and were treated to a tour of the farm and surrounding property. We took advantage of this unique opportunity to serve those around us by tending the garden. Robocon employees shoveled, weeded, pruned, and picked at the farm until the day was done. This visit helped our company learn the importance of farms and agriculture in our community.

A group of our outreach team visited the campus of our local elementary school. They tended each garden and flower bed on the campus, using the skills they had learned at Bluewater Creek Farm. They used a grid system to assign each member a specific place to garden, getting the whole thing done more efficiently. Using this method, a few of our employees were able to landscape all of the foliage at the Elementary School.

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