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Say Hello to INFERNUS
By:Ethan Myrick, Engineering Executive

The robot is the centerpiece of the game.  Crossfire calls for a fire-intervention robot that can save lives, collect hazards, and extinguish flames, and Robocon has delivered just that.  We invite you to say hello to INFERNUS, the premier robotic solution for fire rescue.

INFERNUS is an acronym for Intelligent Navigative Flame Extinguishing Robotic Neutralization Utility System.  The best way to explain what it can do is to go through each of these points and illustrate its skill at performing each skill required of it.  First of all, our robot is intelligent.  Its simple controls and advanced programming and design place INFERNUS at the pinnacle of fire-intervention technology.  This advanced robot is equipped with extremely fast, responsive systems that improve its navigational abilities.  Because of our product's fast response time and easy maneuverability, it is capable of quickly and safely retrieving the manikin.  Rescuing the manikin on the field is our first priority.

INFERNUS is also flame extinguishing.  It is highly capable of using its functional design to launch the simulated water accurately and precisely at the flames.  Next, our product is considered robotic.  This means that our team of specialized and experienced engineers brainstormed and created a product that can efficiently do a high-risk job, reducing the loss of human life.  INFERNUS is a neutralization utility system as well.  By being able to transport the chemical drums to a safe location, the robot neutralizes the threat of chemical leaks or explosions.  Our robot truly is the best all around.

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