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by: maegan tisdale, outreach executive

Progress is considered essential at Robocon, and we know that progress only comes with change.  New employees bring new ideas to the company, and those ideas kindle the fires of change.  Advertising our business to our local schools is integral to the recruitment of new employees.  Young people with zeal for continuous and meaningful advancements are irreplaceable in the fast-paced industry of robotics.

Our Outreach Executive, Maegan Tisdale, organized a visit to the local elementary school on September 27 where the outreach team was able to actively engage with the students.  The specially assembled team was able to show the students a little bit of what we do as a company, from robotic development to safety implications.  They brought along a small prototype robot in order to let the children have a glimpse into the amazing world of robot development.  The students at Brooks Elementary were extremely engaged in the fire-safety presentation that was shown to them through our outreach team.  It was a huge encouragement for Robocon to see so many young people interested in the future of the robotics industry, and it was essential to our values to share with them the safety precautions we use, especially considering this year's game theme.

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