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In the Crossfire
by: Clay Miller, president

In novels, the theme of the story steers the plot and all the characters involved in the direction they are fated to go.  Just like with literature, the theme of each year's BEST competition defines every action a company must take.  This year's theme, Crossfire, defined us as a company more than any game theme before.

This year's game theme is Crossfire.  BEST wants to make sure that it emphasizes the need for safety, and so they are attempting to implicate an organization-wide Fire Safety Initiative.  As a part of this broad Inititative, our company has been invited to submit and market a robotic prototype for a fire-intervention solution.  The robot will be required to run a series of tests in a state-of-the-art Industrial Fire Simulator.  This is what laymen refer to as the "gamefield".

On the gamefield, the robot prototype that our company submits (INFERNUS) will run a course of simulated events that it might encounter in a real fire intervention scenario.  It will have the option to save a manikin, move chemical drums away from the flames to a minimum safe distance, and extinguish the blazing flames.  The manikin, made of PVC and rope, is laid in the "Hot Zone" of the field, which is located in the middle of the field.  The goal is to retrieve the manikin and safely deliver it to its stretcher.  The chemical drums, represented by quart paint cans, are also in the Hot Zone, and they must be moved to their scoring receptacle.  The flames, which are upturned plastic cups, are stacked in the "No-Entry Zone", in the middle of the Hot Zone.  A robot can extinguish the flames by launching simulated water, represented by plastic golf balls, at the cups and knocking them over.

Our robot, INFERNUS, is capable of accomplishing all the tasks presented to it.  For an description of our robot's abilities, Say Hello to INFERNUS.  

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