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Mission Statement

Robocon tries to obtain excellence in every facet of our work and strive for perfection in all things. Our mission at Robocon is to provide the most advanced products on the market, able to perform a variety of industrial tasks. We strive to manufacture machines that will exhibit exceptional performance for years to come. Our goal is to provide you with robots that you can rely on for their durability and efficiency.

Having this vision for our company has allowed us to earn the following awards at our local hub:

Best Website 2nd place
Best Team Wear 3rd place
Team Exhibit Design 3rd place
Best Robot Craftsmanship 2nd place
TVA Safety Award 2nd place
Most Elegant Robot 1st place
Most Robust Robot 3rd place
Best Programming Design 2nd place

BEST Spirit and Sportsmanship
1st place
BEST Team Exhibit and Interview 1st place
BEST Marketing Presentation 1st place
BEST Engineering Notebook 2nd place

BEST Award 1st place

and we advanced to South's BEST!

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