"We will never forget the late nights...while we worked to make our company a success." _Brailee Jackson, former Robocon employee

Our mission as a company is and always has been to create the most efficient, adaptable, and affordable robotic solutions to the world's problems. At Robocon, we continue to strive toward one simple goal: excellence. We do not accept anything short of the best from ourselves, and we do not expect our clients to accept anything but the best from us either.  This is what we keep in mind when we reach out to our community.

Elementary Outreach
Elementary Outreach
Elementary Outreach
Outreach Cleanup
Outreach Cleanup
Outreach Cleanup

One way we reached out to our community this year was by visiting one of our local
elementary schools. We partnered with Brooks Elementary School, who allowed us to
spend two days sending teams of Robocon Spirit and Sportsmanship Ambassadors to
their campus. While there, our ambassadors led groups of children in hands-on
demonstrations using robotics to showcase the significance of recycling and ocean
Those same teams also reached out to different spaces around our region of north
Alabama and found a habitat that was covered with litter. The ambassadors travelled to
the spot and spent hours cleaning and rehabilitating the area so that the wildlife and the
water sources nearby could once again be safe and sanitary.
Our Outreach Coordinator, Maegan Tisdale negotiated with Green Valley Recycling to
allow our Spirit and Sportsmanship ambassadors to partner with their company to
promote recycling as well. In Brooks High School, our team was able to begin a
recycling water bottles program, which are regularly showcased in the team exhibit in the form of a sustainable water bottle wall.

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