BOLTS is the premier lineman-aiding robotic solution on the market. BOLTS is an acronym that stands for:

Our goal is to find the best way to perform the designated tasks in the most efficient way possible. We wanted our robot to have clear-cut efficiency, which we define as making a maximum profit while wasting a minimal amount of time. BOLTS is capable of completing the following tasks more efficiently than any other product.
1) Re-hanging power lines
2)Re-connecting neighborhood power lines
3)Laying conduits
4)Placing transformers on the poles
5) Collecting and removing debris
6)Following an autonomous path

The reason that BOLTS is able to complete these tasks with such efficiency is because of its top-notch design. The wheels of the robot were designed first. The wheels we used are 10 Inch in diameter. We put them towards the back to propel the robot. The PVC slider in the front is used to keep the robot level and allow it to smoothly slide across the ground. Next, a rectangular base was designed. A 12x16 piece of wood was used to mount the cortex, motors, arm, and wheels. To give the arm more height and support, 2 metal bases were put on top of the main base. They house the wires from the cortex as well as the gears of the arm. The arm of our robot uses a pulley system. To achieve this, we put a motor on the base of the arm, and then attached a string to it. This string runs along the arm and moves it up and down. The arm itself is made of PVC and holds the interlocking claw at the end. The claw is made up of several different parts such as two closing pincers, a 7 inch pvc mount for the servo motor, and a small hook.The interlocking design allows the claw to pinch tightly closed or stay open for multiple tasks.

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