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Out on the Town
by: abby holt, spirit & sportsmanship executive

Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  At Robocon, we apply this idea to all that we do.  Without our community to support us, we could do so little; when our community is behind us, we can do so much.  Our Outreach and Spirit and Sportsmanship Departments are wholeheartedly dedicating to connecting with and serving our hardworking and devoted community.

Considering this year's game theme, Crossfire, our business considered it integral to make a visit to our local fire department.  The Mid-Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department was so welcoming to our outreach team that we visited them twice!  Our Outreach Executive, Maegan Tisdale, arranged dates with the firemen so that they would be able to show us all that they do and teach us about the importance of fire prevention and intervention measures.  They gave us helpful insight into this year's game theme, and gave Robocon a unique opportunity to thank just a few of the many volunteer firemen that risk their lives each and every day.

Of course, we also reached out to the other companies competing in Crossfire.  We sent out an open invitation to all the teams in Northwest Alabama BEST to let them know that our practice game field is open to them at all times.  We know that it is essential for any company to have strong ties to the companies around them, as we can do more together than apart.  We also sent out care packages to all the teams in the hub so that we could show them our appreciation for their efforts in the competition.

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