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The Real Deal
by: Makenzie Bullard, Co-Exhibit Specialist

Firefighters are just one amazing example of the law enforcement, volunteers, and first responders that protect our country each and every day.  Though this game theme, Robocon has had the amazing chance to meet these everyday heroes face-to-face and humbly thank them for their service and commitment.

This year's game theme was aptly named "Crossfire".  The name is appropriate because a crossfire is the exact sort of environment that firefighters and first responders expose themselves to every day of their lives.  They go above and beyond the call of duty for the protection of human life.  To see this, we need only look at the gamefield we will be competing on.

Let's start with the cold zone.  This might be considered the safe zone, but it it still very much dangerous.  In a real life scenario, this marks the minimum safe distance away from the fire.  Firemen are rarely found a safe distance away, however.  Their job lies in a much more dangerous area: the Hot Zone.  This area in the center of the field marks where the flames, manikin, and chemical drums become accessible.  Basically, this area is where the objectives lie, both for a robot and a fireman.  Firemen have the real-life responsibility of saving the lives of innocent people, evacuating combustible chemicals, and extinguishing fires every day.  The fires on the field lie in the No-Entry Zone.  Firemen oftentimes must enter unsafe areas like this in order to save lives.  Our job at Robocon is to produce a pristine prototype that can do this job for the brave men and women, so that they do not have to risk their lives any more than necessary.

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